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Spectrum 2016 Logo

Spectrum 2016, IISc annual sports and cultural event held by Gymkhana is scheduled from 17th March 2016 to 20th March 2016. We seek active participation of all the students/staff and faculties in different events. If you want to participate in any event, please contact respective club members. In case you want to organize a new event, please contact any of the GSAC members. Contact details are provided below.

Event Schedules

17th March 2016 (Thursday)
4 pm to 7 pm Performance by Rangmanch at Satish Dhawan Auditorium

18th March 2016 (Friday)
4 pm to 7 pm Performance by IISc Dance club at Satish Dhawan Auditorium
6 pm to 8 pm Football finals

19th March 2016 (Saturday)
6:30 am: Science & Technology Run-2016
4 pm to 7 pm Performance by IISc Music Club at J N TATA Auditorium
4 pm to 6 pm frisbee match at Gymkhana ground
6 pm to 8 pm hockey match: IISc Gravitational Waveriders vs IISc Aqua Regia

20th March 2016 (Sunday)
6:30 am: Scienceman-2016 (Triathlon)
5 pm to 7 pm hockey match: IISc vs MSRIT (M S Ramiah Institute of Technology)
6 pm to 8 pm volleyball Finals


Athletics: Divyanshu Joshi (9945668897)
Football: Anoop Thomas (8277361963)
Hockey : Lalit Sharma (9632135206)
Frisbee : Viraj Torsekar (9590927391)
Drama (Rangmanch): Madhulika Pathak (9611365244)
Music : Aditya Roy Choudhary (8553415235)
Dance (Nritya tarang): Naveen B Ramu (8197898209)
General Secretary: Vikram Pal Singh (9483409516)
Sports Secretary:Varun Raturi (9535746795)
Cultural Secretary:Sagar Gupta(9716520615)


(IISc Drama Club)

Indian Institute of Science participated in National Theater Festival :Baptizer organized by Christ University, from more than 35 entries from across India,proudly IISc Rangmanch- Drama Club, IISc Gymkhana selected in the Best 17 Finalists of #Baptizer2016 - A Dip into Theatre and won the "Best Script Award" for the play KhudaHafiz" in the final round and also got invitation by Judges to showcase it once more at professional platform.

Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulation have been formulated, announced and accepted in presence of the following:

(a) Administrative staff: Prof R V Ravikrishna (President), Prof Ambedkar Dukkipati (Associate Professor), Mr. C P Poonacha (Senior Sports Officer)
(b) Gymkhana Student Affairs Committee: Vikram Pal Singh (General Secretary), Varun Raturi (Sports Secretary), Sagar Gupta (Cultural Secretary), Sandeep Mishra, Vikas Jhangid, Harsha Vajrappu, Somarupa Sahu.
(c) All the club conveners for the term 2015-2016

1. Every club should have one convener (club representative) and one co-convener.
2. Convener should be a person who has been associated with the club for at least one year.
3. Co-convener can be a fresher.
4. If a club does not have a convener, Gymkhana Student Affair Committee (GSAC) will act as the convener.
5. If the convener nomination for such a club is from a fresher, he/she will be assigned the post of the co-convener until next year.
6. Any club can have its own team (for management/organization/publicity, etc) and can appoint individual panels for the team.
7. Any issue regarding the working/performance of club sub-sections/teams will not be entertained by GSAC or Gymkhana administration. All the issues are to be entertained by the club convener only.
8. Any club having an external instructor should submit legal identity proof and address proof to Gymkhana administration.
9. Any money transaction to sports/cultural instructors is to be informed to GSAC in advance. No raises in fees of the instructor are allowed without the consent of GSAC and Gymkhana authorities. Violation of this clause will result in barring the instructor from continuing in future as well as loss of the post by the respective club convener.
10. GSAC/ Sport officer cannot allot any facility without the consent of the concerned convener and vice versa.
11. Any broadcast mail has to be sent to the GSAC members in advance before publishing it and are not to be published unless there is an affirmative reply from the other end.
12. In case of any indisciplinary behavior, GSAC/ Sports Officer / Gymkhana President can barr the use of the corresponding facility or cancel the membership of the member temporarily or permanently.
13. Any kind of student debate has to resolved by the Gymkhana Student affair committee and hesitance in cooperation during the resolution (by the party/parties involved) can lead to expulsion from use of either Gymkhana facility (temporarily/permanently) or gymkhana membership.
14. All the staffs and their family are considered as Gymkhana members in case of swimming pool. There is to be no discrimination between them and others regarding issuing of membership cards or pool timings.